Forex Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose to trade FX over Futures trading for instance?

FX is an established asset class. Due to its sheer size and liquidity, it allows to cater for anyone that has the desire to be doing well in the financial markets. You can trade FX very small but of course also in huge quantities – and that’s why many traders prefer it over lets say Futures trading. The initial capital outlay is much smaller, as well as, the daily margin allowance. FX is the perfect product to cater for any account size!

With regards to trading and money management, what should my trading lot size be..?

We highly recommend that you don’t leverage your capital for trading more than a ratio of 1:3. Which means, if you for instance have the equivalent of a $1,000 account that your typical trade size will be no greater than $3,000.

How will I receive your trading signals, and what are they going to look like..?

We will use a free instant messaging service to deliver the signals. They are very clear and easy to follow! Once we see a trading opportunity develop we are putting you on ‘standby’, then you’ll know and get ready for the upcoming trade. We then send you a Buy or Sell instant message, and a separate instant message for placing the stop. The same goes for exiting the opened position. It’s all really easy to follow and do!

If I join your network and want to connect my account to your software partner, is this safe..?

Very much so! Our software partner is a market leader in this field and is very well established. Their infrastructure is state of the art, offering an extremely low latency solution to their customers! On top of that and most importantly. This is a sophisticated bespoke software service, well battle tested and highly respected, giving you security and peace of mind!

I want to buy a new trading PC is there anything you’d particularly recommend in getting?

I’ll tell you what we have. As a PC we trade using Intel’s NUC, which is a tiny powerful and portable PC connected to a 34″ wide screen curved monitor. Very nice! The wide screen monitor is great for having both charts and the trading station open next to each other, without having the disturbance of annoying screen bezels!

So how many Intra-day trading signals will I be getting..?

Quite a lot is the short answer to this! You’ll be getting in and out of trades 3 to 5 times a day. But it really all depends how busy the market is at any given time and day.

If I miss a signal shall I use my own interpretation and catch up, or just wait for the next one?

We advise you to never catch the market as your trade entry might be too late. Therefore it’s really best to just skip the missed trade and wait for the next good trading setup. (which is waiting just around the corner!)

I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks, can I cancel the service and will I get a refund?

Yes, cancelling your service you can do at any time. No problem and no questions asked! With regards to receiving a partial refund. Look, in general we’d say no, but, we understand one can run into unforeseen circumstances; speak to us and we’ll see what we can do. At the end of the day we are here to help you and we are also looking to build a long term relationship with you hopefully!

And let me ask you, you are human, right? Don’t you need time out and holidays too..?

Nice one! Yes, we are human – super human! Joking aside, our traders are extremely committed to what they do and are completely goal oriented towards achieving great results, for you and them! However, time will come when they do need a dentist, or need to go on errands etc. etc. We will notify you well in advance of any absence of any particular trading session or, trading sessions. On longer absences, for instance for going on holidays etc. we’ll either postpone your upcoming next month’s payment, or of course issue you with a refund!

After I’ve successfully subscribed to your service what is going to happen next?

We are going to be sending you our welcoming pack which will provide you with a download link for the instant messaging service you’ll be using for instantly receiving our trading signals. We’ll also be including detailed examples of what our actual signals will look like, supplemented with a brief introduction to some basic terminologies we’ll be using on a regular basis. We can assure you, it’s all really very simple and easy to follow!

In case you have any further questions or queries that we haven’t covered over here, please feel free to contact and get in touch with us via email, at:

Thank you, and good trading!