Everything You Need To Know..!

The Overall Picture

We invite you to join one of the most exiting markets to trade on that have ever been masterminded since the dawn of (online) trading! Cryptocurrency!

This highly active market moves literally, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, relentlessly with no break! So this is the perfect market then for intra-day trading, as there is constant volatility and market activity. Every single day one gets presented with excellent trading opportunities!

This market allows to accommodate for big, as well as, smaller size traders – everyone is able to find their niche in this market! One can trade with for instance, a small $100 lot size and of course also be trading much bigger, getting good fills on clips of over a few hundred thousand dollars and more!

Market access is easy too – opening a Crypto currencies trading account is a matter of minutes. And the same is true for making deposits into the account, since all account deposits are held in Crypto (however, some brokers offer fiat account deposits as well). So no lengthy and sometimes time consuming bank transfers are therefore necessary.

What we do and how you can benefit too!

We have been in the financial markets for many decades, through this we’ve accumulated a huge amount of practice, experience and market knowledge. Actively trading Crypto currencies is relatively new as they have not been round for that long. We wanted to wait and only delve into this venture once it had gotten more established in the financial space, both, security and infrastructure wise.

Upon hearing that the likes of the legendary investor, George Soros, and also Goldman Sachs are embracing and starting to actively promote and trade this new and exiting asset class, gave us the ambition to start following their lead!

We understand how daunting it may be to start up as a new financial trader, or even as a seasoned trader to spare time to trade a new market on an intra-day basis! Particularly when it comes to trading such a highly active and volatile market like this one! We further understand the urge people have wanting to become part of this new and very exiting world, but unfortunately not everyone has the ability and knowledge to be able to excel in this.

Therefore, we are here for you! Please join our profitable trading team and become part of what we do so well – join and be part of our success!

So, what to do next…

There are many trading venues and cryptocurrency exchanges that one is able to choose from. However, not all of them are suitable for intra-day trading. The emphasis here is on intra-day trading. Why?

In our opinion this is the way to do it! Because, by the end of the day one knows exactly where one stands, with zero overnight or long term risk exposure. And through the means of adhering and keeping to a proper trade and money management, an above average return on invested capital is achievable. And all that you have to do is to follow our trades vigilantly trade by trade, and then at the end of every day you’ll be the one harvesting your very own trading success! You’ll have the ability to watch where our trade entries and exits are and through this you will gain an understanding and know how by yourself and grow through this process!

With regards of choosing the right trading venue, after a lengthy and careful due diligence on our part we’ve appointed the Bitmex Mercantile Exchange as the trading venue of our choice. Their liquidity is deep and their spreads are tight. But the most interesting part is, their commissions policy they have in place. Whereby, active market participants that add liquidity to the market are getting paid for actually providing this liquidity!

And this is exactly what we’re going to be doing! Providing liquidity to the book by means of trading exclusively with limit orders only, thus receiving commissions on each closed trade in the equivalent of ten ticks! Instead of having to pay for commissions when consuming liquidity rather than be providing liquidity to the market!

Now then, thanking you for your kind attention. So for the moment all that is left for you to do, is to subscribe to our exclusive service, open a trading account with Bitmex – and we are going to provide you with our customised trading platform which will give you direct access to the Bitmex trading server (this customised third party platform carries a small $25 monthly fee after it’s initial 14 days trial period).

Once successfully signed up you’re going to receive our intra-day trading signals by means of instant messaging. You can either connect to this instant messaging service via your mobile phone or any Windows or macOS PC of your choice.

Sign up now!

No further introductions are necessary- receive our customised trading software, listen out for our daily trading commands and follow those instantaneously as and when they’ll light up and ping on your screen! We invite you to join us, give this venture a try! You’ll be delighted that you did!

Your London Trading Room

PS: If you have any further questions or queries please see our FAQ‘s page where you’ll find more detailed info if you need it.